$10mn AI Mathematical Olympiad Prize Launches

XTX Markets has launched a new $10mn challenge fund, the Artificial Intelligence Mathematical Olympiad Prize (AIMO Prize).
The fund intends to spur the open development of AI models that can reason mathematically, leading to the creation of a publicly-shared AI model capable of winning a gold medal in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).
The grand prize of $5mn will be awarded to the first publicly-shared AI model to enter an AIMO approved competition and perform at a standard equivalent to a gold medal in the IMO.
There will also be a series of progress prizes, totalling up to $5mn, for publicly-shared AI models that achieve key milestones towards the grand prize. The first progress prize has a prize pool of $1.048m.
The prizes are being designed by an AIMO Advisory Committee, including mathematicians, deep learning experts and experienced Olympiad problem-setters.
The first AIMO approved competition opened to participants in April 2024, with the first progress prize.

There will be a presentation of progress at the 65th IMO, held in

Bath, England in July 2024.

The AIMO Prize [..] will help compare different AI problem solving strategies at a technical level, in a manner that will be accessible and appealing to the broader public.

Terence Tao, UCLA

I am sure that many people will be following the AIMO Prize with great excitement, to see when, in the future, AI will match the world's brightest young minds.

Gregor Dolinar, IMO President