The Progress Prize

This first progress prize included problems at intermediate-level high school mathematics competitions, but which did not reach IMO difficulty. It was open from 1 April to 27 June 2024, with the prizes distributed to five teams in July 2024 at the 65th IMO in Bath, UK.

  • $1.048 million prize pool
  • The Kaggle private leaderboard determined the distribution of $253,952 among the top five teams, based on minimum performance criteria.
  • Remainder of the pool will roll over to next year's prize pool.
  • Eligibility for prizes requires the open publication of the teams' code, methodology, data, and model parameters.

The Grand Prize

The grand prize of $5 million will be awarded to the first AI model that competes in an AIMO Prize-approved competition and attains a performance equivalent to an IMO gold medal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A set of Frequently Asked Questions has been collated from the correpondence submitted to