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First $1.048mn AIMO progress prize competition opens

XTX Markets is excited to announce the opening of the first $1.048 million progress prize for the Artificial Intelligence Mathematical Olympiad (AIMO), on the Kaggle platform.

This initiative is part of the $10 million AIMO Prize, launched in November 2023, aimed at fostering the development of AI models capable of mathematical reasoning. The ultimate goal is to create a publicly shared AI model that could achieve a gold medal standard at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).

The grand prize of $5 million will be awarded to the first AI model that competes in an AIMO Prize-approved competition and attains a performance equivalent to an IMO gold medal. To encourage continuous progress towards this goal, XTX Markets has introduced a series of progress prizes.

This first progress prize includes problems at intermediate-level high school mathematics competitions, but do not reach IMO difficulty. It is open from 1 April to 27 June, with the prizes to be distributed to up to five teams in July 2024 at the 65th IMO in Bath, UK.

First Progress Prize Details:

The Kaggle website contains more details about the competition, including its rules.

I am delighted that XTX Markets have launched a serious, objective test for AI. It is all very well to simulate casual human blather, but hopefully this will see if it can begin to simulate proper reasoning.

Dr Geoff Smith MBE, Honorary Reader in Mathematics at the University of Bath